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Remote Rendering

Quick and Efficient Image Processing

What is Remote Rendering?

Gone are the days of slow image processing thanks to our new Remote Rendering solution. With Remote Rendering, images are streamed to you much like an online webinar, eliminating the need to download mass amounts of data to your computer. This process significantly improves efficiency, reduces the response time from click to display, and ensures that physicians are able to provide quality care for their patients regardless of location.


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A More Efficient Way of Viewing Medical Images

Why Remote Rendering?

  • Dramatically reduces bandwidth utilization

  • Improves image delivery and display speed

  • Reduces costs and hardware requirements because processing is handled by the server

  • Eliminates the need to create and manage pre-caching rules

  • Operates with zero-footprint architecture, so you can access data on any browser-capable device (via RapidResults™)

  • Efficiently renders large data-sets, whether compressed in a lossless or lossy format

  • Secures image transmission


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