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CT Dose Monitoring Module

Track, Analyze, & Report on CT Dose Exposure

The Importance of CT Dose Monitoring

With the increasing public and regulatory concerns surrounding imaging-related radiation exposure, CT dose monitoring is more important than ever before. California, Connecticut, and Texas have already implemented CT dose regulations, and it’s only a matter of time before these regulations are adopted nationwide. That’s why we’ve integrated with Scannerside to bring you the CT Dose Monitoring Module.

Through real-time radiation dose tracking, analytics, and reporting, our CT Dose Monitoring Module enables you to comply with regulations, practice medical imaging more responsibly, and improve patient safety measures.


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Ensure Better Patient Care

Why CT Dose Monitoring?

    CT Dose Monitoring enables you to effectively track and analyze radiation dose amounts. This helps to improve patient safety measures, increase referring physician satisfaction, evaluate usage protocols, compare rates against national averages, and comply with current and potentially future regulatory guidelines. Below are a few more reasons why your practice can benefit from our CT Dose Module:

  • 100% cloud-based 
  • Real-time radiation dose tracking and analytics
  • Streamline exam workflow
  • Automate dose reports
  • Easy-to-understand dose printouts for patients


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