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Advanced Visualization 

Tools for Interpreting Studies

Get to Know Advanced Visualization

Our Advanced Visualization Suite supplies radiologists with value-added tools for interpreting studies from our diagnostic viewers—Gateway Viewer Mini PACS and Gateway Mammo Viewer Mini PACS. These tools add functionality and flexibility for interpretation of advanced imaging studies.

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Operate at Optimal Performance

Optimize Interpretation

Our Advanced Visualization Suite is equipped with multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) tools, which reconstruct two dimensional views of a series after a 3D volume is created. Users are able to change the layout, view modes, and viewing angle in MPR view to interpret patient studies. The MPR tools include:

  • Slab MPR

  • Oblique widget and 360-degree rotating

  • Derive new series

  • PET/CT Fusion

  • MIP/MinIP/AveIP volume rendering

  • Curved and cross-sectional modes

  • Image capture






Achieve More Through Analysis

PET/CT fusion enables you to view a PET series on top of a CT series and fuse the two into a new series, so anatomical and physiological information can be viewed simultaneously. This feature is important, especially when planning radiation therapy protocols for cancer patients.

Conduct More Accurate Diagnoses

Color mapping enables you to translate color into grayscale images to help identify pathology. This technique is especially useful for diagnosing metabolic activity in nuclear medicine (NM) and PET studies. It also comes with the added benefit of creating custom mappings and modifying existing ones.

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