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Fast Communication in the Fast-Paced Environment of Radiology

By Qliqsoft

As the relationship between healthcare and technology continues to grow, integrated workflows have become vital for practices who seek to thrive in the complex health care environment. The ability to communicate with ease and efficiency lies at the core of any successful workflow process.

Just as the healthcare industry is evolving, so are the cybersecurity threats that plague providers and health systems. Despite this, it is essential that providers are able to maintain communications to ensure patients receive necessary care. This is why secure texting has quickly become a top option to send and receive patient information, while still keeping sensitive data secure as per HIPAA requirements.

Secure communication between clinicians, and most recently ​with​ their patients, enhances the way information is shared and provides several benefits to an organization’s overall operation.

Some examples that highlight the positive impact of implementing a secure message platform include:

Patient Engagement

Text messaging is one of the most efficient ways to reach people. Regular real-time communication between doctors, nurses, and caregivers can ensure patients stick to their treatment plan and lower the likelihood of ​readmission​. Sending messages between provider and patients also strengthens the relationship between the two.

Care coordination

Communication reduces the risk of serious medical errors. Not to mention, ​care coordination​ mistakes can be very costly. When new procedures involving other practices or clinicians are introduced into a patient’s overall plan, the ability to send a secure text message facilitates a real-time exchange of health information and removes the need for pagers, email, and voicemail, which are not timely and often not secure.


Implementing a secure messaging component to any workflow will save time, money and resources. ​​Everyone is busy with patients and real-time phone conversations are difficult to arrange. With phone calls, voicemail and pagers, wait time is inevitable. With secure texting one can send a request or questions (even with detailed patient info) and a colleague can respond as soon as they are available, which is effective and convenient for both.

Radiology Workflow Solutions with RamSoft

Radiologists often encounter the inevitable challenge of communicating effectively with other physicians, including the patient’s primary care provider. With the fast-paced environment of medical practices, having a quick, reliable pathway for communication is essential.

Radiology organizations must be able to quickly share information between all internal and external departments involved in a patient’s care. It is often necessary to involve additional providers at the point of a preliminary reading and later amending once a report is finalized. In some cases, patients come with emergency situations, where normal day-to-day processes may not be followed. Even in these more complex workflows, clinician communication must occur. Multi-layered communication requirements have led RamSoft to embed an innovative method of communication directly into their product offerings. Integrated with RamSoft’s all-in-one radiology solution, qliqSoft enables quick and convenient communication for referrers via texting, including the possibility of receiving diagnostic images through a zero-footprint viewer that can be accessed with one-click from within the qliqSoft app – making access to studies easier, convenient, and safer than ever for better patient care.

“RamSoft’s integration with qliqSoft brings the convenience of texting to our feature-rich solution. This is a great opportunity for radiology practices to improve communications with patients and internal staff, decrease turnaround times and drastically impact patient care quality. We are excited to see what customers will be able to achieve with this new integration” (Banbury Wong – RamSoft’s Product Manager)

RamSoft and Qliqsoft

Integrated with RamSoft’s all-in-one radiology solution, Qliqsoft allows users, referring physicians, and others to send and receive diagnostic images through a zero-footprint viewer that can be accessed with one-click from within the Qliqsoft app – making access to studies easier and safer than ever for better patient care. “Consolidating workflow processes can be a difficult challenge, and we’re happy to provide a solution that helps radiology communications become more efficient.” — Krishna Kurapati, Founder & CEO, Qliqsoft.

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