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Enterprise Imaging

Lead the way to change with enterprise imaging

What if you could finally capture, manage, view, and exchange everything related to imaging from a simple and intuitive solution? An enterprise imaging solution opens the possibilities to do this and more to establish thorough, up-to-date electronic health records. With enterprise imaging, you’re one step closer to delivering elevated patient care and experiences throughout your organization. 

Let’s consolidate your images and data across your enterprise for exceptional efficiency.

Enterprise imaging breaks down barriers

Healthcare organizations need to manage and connect multiple information systems to provide the best care for their patients. But when there are several systems from various vendors being used within their enterprise, it becomes a challenge for hospitals to connect them all seamlessly.  

As a result, clinicians don’t have access to one, comprehensive patient imaging record when they need it. This all spirals down to delayed patient care and added frustration for healthcare workers and patients. 

That’s not the only roadblock. Unexpected system downtime and a poor line of sight into business metrics also affect the overall efficiency of a hospital’s workflow. 

From a cloud-native VNA to a cloud enterprise PACS that’s paired with a business intelligence tool, we create enterprise imaging software that’s designed to tackle these challenges and more.  

Explore the different ways enterprise imaging for radiology can be the catalyst for meaningful change.

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Ignite transformation with enterprise imaging

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Unlock an impressive ROI

Centralizing data and images reduces significant costs related to maintaining data centers and hardware. With our enterprise imaging VNA, you’ll be sure to save on costs in the long run and maintain ownership of your imaging data without the stress of vendor-lock ins.
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Share patient data on the fly

Burned CDs and repeat exams can be a thing of the past. Our enterprise imaging solution makes it easy for you to share images and reports at any moment. After recipients accept your invitation to view images, they just need to search for a patient’s name to pull up results received from any medical facility connected to Omega AI.
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Automate time-zapping tasks

Tasks take longer than necessary to complete when workflows are jumbled with redundancies. That’s why we’re big fans of automation – from front desk automation, tailored worklists, to smart pre-fetching, we incorporate automation within our enterprise imaging solutions and features wherever possible.
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Achieve interoperability

An enterprise imaging solution consolidates your imaging data for true interoperability. Interoperability throughout your organization allows a free flow and sharing of data between systems. That all means your team can make informed clinical decisions faster than before.
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World-class security

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer the very best in security and 24/7 monitoring of your data. Cloud security is included in all our cloud enterprise imaging solutions to ensure the safety of your data – our SOC 2 Type II certification also demonstrates that we have key compliance controls and objectives in place throughout our cloud platform.
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Productivity like no other

Remove the roadblocks that stop you from accessing healthcare data on time. An enterprise imaging workflow – which includes simple image sharing, automation, and connectivity between systems – allows you to deliver care to your patients ASAP.
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Visualize and simplify your data

Make strategic decisions based on real data. Our business intelligence tool provides a visual overview of your organization’s performance so you can quickly spot bottlenecks and revenue generators. A cloud-based BI tool is an indispensable enterprise imaging solution to monitor and measure your organization’s overall success.
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Flexibility at your fingertips

Customization and flexibility are key within enterprise imaging. That’s why we offer you the freedom to build your own apps or incorporate Omega AI’s platform capabilities into your existing apps. Tap into this unmatched flexibility with our versatile enterprise imaging platform.
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What is enterprise imaging?
Here’s our take on it.

The HIMSS-SIIM member workgroup defines enterprise imaging as “a set of strategies, initiative and workflows implemented across a healthcare enterprise to consistently and optimally capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia content to enhance the electronic health record.” 

At RamSoft, we believe enterprise imaging finally enables healthcare organizations to manage their imaging data and analytics in ways that benefit their teams and patients. With instant access to images, clinicians can provide improved interpretations and care for their patients. Business intelligence offers healthcare leaders a visual overview of their enterprise’s performance on the spot. Together, these enterprise imaging strategies build the foundation of an efficient healthcare enterprise.

Explore your enterprise imaging options

Omega AI VNA

See the full picture of your patients’ health with our next-generation enterprise imaging VNA. The powerful capabilities of our user-friendly VNA can be all yours immediately after you create an account. Your data is easily accessible and shareable since you’re free to connect to any system (even legacy systems!). We’re serious about keeping it effortless for you to access patient images and data at any given moment.

Omega AI SHARE (Coming soon)

Expedite patient care with an enterprise imaging solution that eliminates the need for repeat exams and burned CDs. Physicians unlock fast and simple access to images on the device or browser of their choice – and it all starts with a secure link that you e-mail to your physicians. This enterprise imaging solution goes beyond healthcare; anyone who needs to view an image, like lawyers, receives instant access.

PowerServer™ PACS

Our cloud enterprise PACS integrates seamlessly with any EMR, HIS, RIS, or billing system. Hospitals around the world rely on our cloud-based PACS for many reasons including: 99.9% guaranteed uptime, real-time backups, and unlimited licenses for users, modalities, workstations, and facilities. As a web-based enterprise PACS, reading and reporting can be done anywhere you may be – the flexibility within this enterprise imaging solution is hard to beat.

Essence™ BI

Make key decisions faster with a cloud-based business intelligence app, an indispensable enterprise imaging tool. The data visualization built within means it takes little to no effort to uncover your organization’s key metrics and performance. Essence™ BI provides you the flexibility to use default reports or create custom ones based on your preferred metrics.

Cloud Imaging

Let your worries about stability melt away with our guaranteed 99.9% uptime from our cloud servers. We ensure your data is resilient to ransomware attacks and provide real-time, machine learning driven protection against a wide range of malicious activity through Microsoft 365 Defender. When it’s time for your organization to grow, you’ll only need to pay for an additional TB of data with a cloud imaging solution. Your enterprise imaging strategy isn’t complete without the right cloud solution.

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