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ACR NRDR GRID: The Easiest Way to Submit Data

Quick overview of ACR NRDR GRID

The ACR NRDR GRID collects information about imaging facilities and allows participating facilities to compare benchmarks such as turnaround times, patient wait times, incident rates, and many other process and outcome measures with facilities of similar size and type. If you wish to participate in the NRDR program, you can start by registering your facility.


Benefits of submitting your practice data to the ACR NRDR GRID

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Qualify for reimbursements under MIPS (Merit Based Incentive Payment System)
  • Avoid negative payment adjustments

Submitting GRID data is important. You can submit facility and physician data to the GRID via manual data entry. However, this task could take several hours each month to complete if it’s done manually. RamSoft’s PowerServer products are ideal solutions for these time-consuming tasks.


How RamSoft simplifies this time-consuming task

There’s a much better way to submit data to the GRID. RamSoft’s ACR NRDR GRID submission feature allows practices to submit their data automatically. This means there’s no need for manual reporting or building grids and submission files.

We also have necessary validation checks in place to ensure submission. Customers are notified via an e-mail if corrective action is required for successful re-submission.

Step One Step Two
Gears representing automationRamSoft’s ACR NRDR GRID Submission Tool Data from signed study being extractedOnce a study hits the “signed” status, the data is extracted from RamSoft software The data is automatically uploaded to ACR GRID


Automatic vs. manual data submission of ACR NRDR 

Our customer, Inverness Medical Imaging is a state-of-the-art imaging practice in Florida that’s taking advantage of this convenient RamSoft feature. Here’s how automation improved the way their team approaches this task.

Data Submission Time Spent # Employees Required Ease of use
Gears representing automationAutomatic clock showing 5 minutesFew Minutes/Month No employee at desk0 employees Happy Face 01 Quick & easy


Data Submission Time Spent # Employees Required Ease of use
PACS admin manually submitting dataManual Clock Hours 013-4 Hours/Month Inverness Success Story Blog Post 09 1 employee Sad FaceTedious


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