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Discover how your facility can utilize a scalable PACS system no matter the facility size

Facilities that operate with one or two modalities are often faced with the challenge of optimizing workflows on a minimal budget.  RamSoft understands this, which is why our solutions focus on efficiency as the key to growth and success. Here are some ways the RamSoft PowerServer™ LITE PACS can help your facility:

1) Customize without being a developer.

In the past, you needed to have programming or SQL knowledge to build out your worklist. With Universal worklist, you are given a customizable query builder to build any worklist without being a developer. This allows your facility to adapt easily to future growth.

2) Access images anytime, anywhere.

Listen, emergencies happen. Radiologists aren’t always in their reading room all day – they need to be flexible, and so does their technology. With RapidResults™, radiologists and physicians are given easy access to studies via their smartphones, tablets, desktops, and touchscreen devices.

3) Reduces manual data errors, increasing efficiency

Don’t let manual data entry slow you down or cause a disruption in your workflow. With the PowerServer™ Lite PACS, you have an intuitive, single database solution at your fingertips. Gain access to all of your info with ease. Ask about our Cloud feature – allowing storage of your data than ever before while maintaining compliance.

“RamSoft’s secure, flexible, and affordable solutions give healthcare practices the freedom they need to concentrate more on their business as a whole and less about technology.” Michael Cavuoto, Regional Sales Manager, Ramsoft.

Overall, RamSoft’s PACS Lite technology improves efficiency because it’s built on the same SQL database and enterprise-grade HIPAA compliant DICOM® engine as our full PACS.

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