Multithread Rendering Of Diagnostic Images

Discover How Multithread Rendering of Diagnostic Images Benefits Your Radiology Practice

The shift to digital imaging solved many logistic inefficiencies in the field of radiology. However, it opened space for another issue – rendering of big diagnostic images.

The shift from film to digital imaging represented a complete transformation in the practice of radiology. However, new solutions come with new issues for the modern radiologist. While in traditional radiology, the durability and transmission of physical studies via courier were a significant issue, in modern radiology – the rendering of large diagnostic images has become one of the biggest bottlenecks in a radiologist’s workflow.

Because of the number of details in each image, diagnostic digital imaging generates large graphics files, creating the need for powerful computers to read these files. Such machines can be expensive and limited to its hardware capability to render images for scrolling and zooming, which can often be a frustrating experience. Computers are limited to its graphics capabilities and may struggle with cooling and caching, which limits its processing power and the radiologist’s productivity.

While many are looking for answers in the hardware industry, we at RamSoft believe that multithreading is a great cost-effective solution for faster rendering of diagnostic images. Multithreading, simply put, is different processes that run concurrently in the background making optimal use of the available resources. This means faster image rendering that allows you to read more diagnostic images while your patients’ benefit from quicker access to their reports.

RamSoft’s Smart Rendering

At RamSoft, we do multithreading by automating rendering through streaming, pre-caching, and local rendering through the computer’s hardware.

“We created Smart Rendering after seeing how radiologists using digital PACS often planned their day around pre-loading images for reading later – limiting productivity and slower turn-around times for patients. With the smart integration of three rendering engines in our viewers, radiologists can now focus on reading diagnostic images instead of thinking about their computers processing power and storage capacity – taking productivity and patient care to a next level”. (Vijay Ramanathan, RamSoft’s CEO)

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