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Diagnóstico Radiológico Pensiones Implements RamSoft’s PowerServer™ on the Cloud to Improve Efficiency in Patient Care

Diagnόstico Radiolόgico Pensiones is an imaging center that has been serving the community in the city of Mérida in Mexico for over 27 years under the careful leadership of Dr. Dennis Charles Nelson Rubio. Offering imaging services such as X-rays, fluoroscopy, mammogram, CT, ultrasound, and other services, Diagnόstico Radiolόgico Pensiones takes pride in combining the experience and human touch of their doctors to provide each patient with precise diagnostic reporting and images.

The challenges

Unfortunately, up until 2018, Diagnόstico Radiolόgico Pensiones were dependent on traditional radiology i.e. using films. This meant all processes were manual, slowing down the turnaround times, patient safety concerns related to higher X-ray radiation, and increasing costs associated with film purchase and development. Realizing these areas of inefficiencies, they decided it was time to fully digitize their imaging facility with a robust PACS solution.

The solution

After a thorough research online, a successful demo of RamSoft’s PowerServer™ at RSNA, and a visit to RamSoft’s headquarters in Toronto, Dr. Nelson Rubio chose RamSoft to be their provider of choice. “We wanted a system that was user-friendly, reliable, and within our budget. We needed to simplify our workflow, improve turnaround times, make it easy to review past studies for comparison, and improve communication with our referring physicians. We couldn’t find anything that would fit our needs as best as RamSoft PowerServer™, especially for having access to support in Spanish,” said Dr. Nelson Rubio, Diagnόstico Radiolόgico Pensiones.

RamSoft continues to lead the way by offering PowerServer™ Microsoft® Azure and continues to empower and advocate for the radiology industry to go on the cloud. “Bringing our solutions to Latin America on the cloud represents a real revolution,” noted Prax Sanchez, RamSoft’s Director of Business in LATAM. “Our customers don’t have to hire a certified IT personnel nor maintain on-premises servers, thereby reducing their overhead cost and improving profitability. We are excited to bring this technology to LATAM.”

Are you ready for the cloud? While some imaging providers in emerging markets may think that RamSoft’s cloud-based solutions could be out of their reach, in reality it is a cost-effective solution that helps you improve your bottom line.

Here are some of the benefits our customers experience with PowerServer™ on the cloud

Customer Success Radiologico Pensiones


  • IT staff not required for managing the server
  • Cloud-based system ensures the safety of images, reports and patient data from any natural calamity
  • Radiologist and Referring physicians have real time access to images and reports via RapidResults™
  • Front desk staff and technologists no longer need paper charts since everything is digital
  • Administration can see patient progress real time through status transitions

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