Canadian Teleradiology Services Chooses RamSoft as Their Cloud PACS Provider

Canadian Teleradiology Services Chooses RamSoft as Their Cloud PACS Provider

Canadian Teleradiology Services, Inc. has chosen RamSoft’s cloud PowerServer™ PACS to provide remote radiology services to their client hospitals. CTS is a subsidiary of Leveljump Healthcare Corp., a Canadian leader in B2B telehealth solutions.

TORONTO, ON – Canadian Teleradiology Services is a B2B telehealth company that provides teleradiology services to hospitals and clinical practices on a 24/7 basis. With a strong teleradiology network, CTS connects their clients with the best in Canadian-board certified radiologists.

Growth is a major focus for CTS and having the right software for their imaging needs plays an important part in that plan. Ultimately, CTS chose RamSoft’s cloud-based PowerServer™ PACS for a few reasons – to reduce costs and to better manage initial client implementation costs for hospitals and radiologists.

As CTS migrates more of their clients to PowerServer™ PACS, they expect to see enhanced cost savings based on increased patient volumes. “As part of our commitment to build a national teleradiology company, CTS has chosen a supplier partner in RamSoft that will allow for easy integrations, workflow and flexibility to meet the demands of new clients,” said Mitch Geisler, CEO of Leveljump Healthcare. Additionally, the cloud-based PACS will reduce the company’s need for external servers and hosting, which offers more savings for CTS.

CTS has already begun rolling out PowerServer™ PACS to its existing clients. They plan to migrate all their client hospitals to the system this year. With PowerServer™ PACS, CTS end-users can create client workflows that lets them deliver radiologist reports to client hospitals with greater efficiency.

To help healthcare practices deliver exceptional patient care, RamSoft is committed to providing innovative cloud imaging solutions. “We are excited to become a partner in patient care with CTS and help them with their expansion plans,” said Michael Cavuoto, Regional Sales Director at RamSoft. “With a wide array of products to meet the needs of any healthcare organization, our software is built for innovative companies like CTS that provide best-in-class radiology services to their patients and community.”


About RamSoft

RamSoft offers the leading Cloud RIS, PACS, VNA, Zero-Footprint Viewer, DICOM Routing and Teleradiology software, enabling you to leverage the latest technology, while eliminating capital costs. Built using cutting-edge, single database technology, our radiology, mammography, and enterprise imaging software enables practices to optimize their workflow, cut costs, and overall, improve patient care.

About Canadian Teleradiology Services

Canadian Teleradiology Services provides leading-edge remote radiology (teleradiology) services to hospitals and clinical practices, on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or as required by each hospital and practice. CTS connects clients with a strong teleradiology network, providing access to the best in Canadian board-certified radiologists.

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