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Solve your staffing shortage

Listen. We know your pain. You’re dealing with staffing shortages and rising costs – of interest rates, salaries, and systems. And everywhere you look, you see practices going bankrupt.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the solution. You can solve your staffing shortage by “hiring” OmegaAI.

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What is an imaging EMR?

It’s a single app that connects systems, practices, physicians, and patients for access to patients’ complete medical imaging records.

OmegaAI is a platform that’s dynamically expanding. It provides storage (it’ll store anything you throw at it), workflow automation (through machine learning), and the sharing of medical images.


Mobilize enterprise imaging forward

No Delays

Omega AI is ready to be used immediately upon creation of an account.

Unmatched simplicity

Little to no training is required, thanks to Omega AI's effortless user experience.

Centralized management

OmegaAI is centrally managed and improves the way people work together.

Seamless integrations

Enable easy interconnectivity between organizations and facilities.

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Embrace simplicity

Omega AI supports the latest standards in healthcare IT so that the exchange of patient data is the way that it should be – quick, seamless, and secure.


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources are the latest standards developed by HL7 to facilitate secure and seamless exchange of electronic health records between practices with the purpose of expediting patient care. Omega AI is compliant with FHIR R4, the latest maturity model.


This is the DICOM standard for web-based medical imaging. As an implementation of the DICOM protocol, DICOMweb provides a lightweight mobile device and web browser friendly mechanism to access and transmit digital images over the internet in a secure and efficient manner.

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