3 Reasons Why Refreshing Your Hardware is Critical to Workflow and Patient Care

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3 Reasons Why Refreshing Your Hardware is Critical to Workflow and Patient Care

Computers are an essential component of a modern radiology practice and software such as RIS/PACS has transformed the way imaging departments and organizations operate – both allow you surpass your goals and drive patent care. 

It is essential to keep the equipment up to date and upgraded a minimum of every four years.

Here are three reasons why refreshing your hardware transforms your practice:

  1. Increased Speed – Technology allows you to improve efficiency. But without a hardware refresh, this won’t happen. Not only will your day to day operations slow down but pushing hardware to its limits increases the chances of data loss, outages and puts you at risk for downtime. Making sure you stay current with hardware solutions limit exposure to such challenges, which take away from your productivity.
  2. Viewing video studies is no problem – PowerServer™ imaging tools and features allow you to view video files, quickly and efficiently. Upgrading to hardware with the correct specifications will allow you to utilize this feature fully – enabling your practice to increase efficiency and see results!
  3. Security risks – Developers fix vulnerabilities with software updates. But older hardware might make you non-applicable for a software upgrade, which means you won’t get the latest changes. Yes, it can be a cat and mouse game, but it is worth spending time the time and money for a hardware refresh to keep your patient’s data safe.


Forward thinking is integral to your practice to succeed. Enhancing your internal hardware infrastructure along with your RIS/PACS allows you to stand out from your competition. If you no longer want to manage internal servers, we do recommend moving to the cloud – RamSoft offers professional services to assist in the migration of your existing RIS/PACS data.

One the benefits of moving your RIS/PACS data to the cloud is that you will no longer have to be concerned about the maintenance of your hardware – no RIS/PACS it management is needed. RamSoft Cloud Solutions offer unrivaled performance, redundancy, while maintaining exceptional accessibility to all end users. You can enjoy peace of mind by hosting data in cloud.

Learn about the advantages of moving your RIS/PACS to the Cloud in this webinar hosted by industry expert, Al Kappel.

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