The Key Benefits of Using a Single Database RIS/PACS

The Key Benefits of Using a Single Database RIS/PACS

RIS/PACS systems have revolutionized the way radiology practices operate. They are the backbone for any diagnostic center or practice because of how they store and manage diagnostic images.

Having a RIS/PACS will help you streamline your workflow by executing the most critical functions such as: billing, order entry, and patient tracking.

Radiology practices that use a single database RIS/PACS solution see benefits that include: increased productivity and ROI, and data that is securely streamlined in one system.  As single database solutions become available, some practices remain convinced their only need is an EMR.  Let’s look at how your practice could benefit from a RIS/PACS vs. an EMR/PACS integration.

1) Successful Time Management
Time is money and identifying ways to make day-to-day operations run faster and smoother could increase your business’ ROI. Using a single database RIS/PACS solution will save your staff time and money in the following ways:

  1. Training on an all-in-one solution Using the same system to meet all your needs will save your organization the thousands of dollars it will take to train staff on multiple solutions that meet the same needs.
  2. Improved Technical Support If you have any issues with an EMR system, users must coordinate with multiple support teams from the multiple systems they’re using to get answers. This increases time spent with technical support instead of time spent with patient studies.
  3. Ease of Use With an EMR/PACS, you must enter data and maintain consistency between multiple platforms. With a RIS/PACS, you can seamlessly enter data all-in-one platform, which increases consistency and reduces user errors.

2) Increases ROI
Not only will a single-database RIS/PACS system allow your practice to run more smoothly, it will help your practice surpass your business targets in multiple ways:

  1. Cost-Effective An integrated system costs much less than buying a separate RIS and PACS for healthcare management. You’ll see increased ROI within months of buying a cost-effective single database solution.
  2. Tools Designed for Radiology Equipped with business intelligence tools, the RamSoft RIS/PACS system is built with features like Essence™,which, allows your practice to advance it’s business goals and empower your team to identify areas of your workflow that need to be restructured.

3) Secure, Streamlined Data
Radiology departments and practices hold a tremendous amount of patient data when compared to other crucial sectors of healthcare. Keeping your data secure, clean, and streamlined is a critical driver for your practice. Here’s how:

  1. Decreased Risk of Downtime Unlike the EMR system, RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS eliminates the need for HL7 and VPNs. Which means, it’s not synching data from multiple vendors through VPN tunnels increasing anxieties that the connection may break during peak business hours. Built with HIPAA in mind, this single database virtually eliminates this issue by using only one database to backup and restore, saving you time and increasing productivity.

By acquiring PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, you will get a web-based system that does it all. A unified user experience, unlimited users, workstations and facilities and managing only one server.


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