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RamSoft Improves the Radiologists User Experience Through DICOM Video

How Video Improves the User Experience

Introduction & History:

MP4 is a method of defining compression of audio and visual digital data. It was introduced in 1998 by ISO/IEC Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG).

MP4 in Radiology

The quality of the MP4 video is very good and file size is relatively small. These days, you can convert a cine-video to MP4 video for better quality and smaller file size. Studies show that MP4 videos have a smaller file size in comparison to both AVI and WMV.

Common Radiology Studies:

Ultrasound cine clips, cardiac MRI scans, and dynamic barium studies are ideal studies to be viewed in MP4 video format. Other imaging exams can also be converted to MP4 format as needed.

RamSoft MP4:

In RamSoft, MP4 video has options to loop, bounce, pause, play, scroll forward, rewind, sound volume, open in a new browser and full screen. These options improve cine video viewing experience for users. By converting multi-frame images into MP4 format, this can improve image viewing and load time due to file size.


About the Author:

Pir is a skilled medical imaging professional with hands-on experience in clinical management as a former radiology technologist and manager. Currently, Pir works as Product Specialist for RIS/PACS as a member of RamSoft's Clinical Applications team.

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