Automated Front Desk Solution

Streamline Your Front Desk Operations

Provide a seamless and more transparent experience for your patients and staff with an automated front desk solution. RamSoft’s partnership with PatientPal simplifies the entire process from patient intake, insurance verification, patient payment collection, prior authorization, and more.

Feature Highlights

Automate Time-Draining Processes

See more patients, save time, and improve your bottom line with an automated front desk solution. Discover how simple your day-to-day administrative tasks can be.

With a digitized patient intake process, forms are captured and entered straight into RamSoft. For an even smoother workflow, this solution can:

  • Verify insurance eligibility and prior authorizations *
  • Detect errors on forms and notify you to correct them to prevent rejected claims
  • Process patient payments *
  • Send follow-up reminders to patients

Offer Patients More Options

Having more choices from the beginning to the end of their visit provides positive patient experiences. Patients can:

  • Complete their intake forms electronically
  • Be informed of their total out-of-pocket expense ahead of time *
  • Get clarity on their insurance policies and see what they’re responsible for
  • Pay at the time of their appointment or beforehand *

Receive and Collect Payments Easily

When given the option, 74% of patients pay at the time of service. Here’s how collecting payments is simplified:

  • Receive payments via ApplePay, PayPal, or payment plans *
  • Send invoices to patients via text message before or after their appointment *
  • Integrate smart receipts with EMR *


Available as an optional add-on for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS
* Indicates this feature is available only in the PatientPal Pro Plan