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Erin Martin is a Senior HL7 Integration Specialist here at RamSoft, with a focus on RIS/PACS integrated software solutions. She’s worked on both the customer and vendor sides, enabling her to better engineer workflows and understand customer needs. Before joining the RamSoft team in 2006, Erin was a PACS Network Administrator for 19 imaging centers in Florida from Jacksonville to South Miami.

5 Ways to Improve Breast Cancer Tracking and Reporting


Centers that perform mammograms in the US know their job doesn’t just stop at delivering results to the referring physician. Mammography is regulated by the government and centers need to adhere to the rules for breast cancer tracking and reporting in the Mammography Quality and Standards Act (MQSA). This means a more […]

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The Importance of CT Dose Monitoring Software


Due to concerns surrounding CT scans and how radiation affects patients, it’s important for imaging facilities to invest in CT dose monitoring software. This investment will enable imaging facilities to practice patient care more responsibly, improve patient and referring physician satisfaction, evaluate usage and productivity, and compare their usage rates against national […]

3 Benefits of EMR Integration



3 Benefits of EMR Integration

From streamlining your workflow to maximizing your return on investment, there are numerous benefits to having an integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Below, I’ll go into the three EMR integrations I’ve found are most helpful to imaging […]

How to Improve Patient Engagement to Increase Referrals


blog-increase-patient-referrals-cta-videoWith the growing number of people accustomed to digital communication, imaging centers are finding an increasing need to engage with patients electronically. Almost everyone uses a computer and/or smartphone to interface with the rest of the world and store everything from books […]

How You Can Increase Patient Referrals with ContactMyDoc


To increase patient referrals, imaging centers need to be on the cutting edge of technology with the latest modalities and patient engagement tools, so patients can schedule appointments and receive appointment reminders. Imagine if your patients had access to a secure smartphone app that could:

How to Increase Patient Referrals



How to Increase Patient Referrals

blog-patient-referrals-videoThe best way to increase patient referrals is to ensure that referrers’ patients are seen promptly and that their reports are delivered in a timely manner. The second best way is to make it easy for your […]

How to Run a More Cost-Effective Imaging Practice


Want to know how to create a more cost-effective imaging practice without skimping on patient care and making your staff miserable? Well, a good way to start is by identifying your bottlenecks and having a good reporting system to help you pinpoint areas of slow turnaround times. This way you’ll be able to […]

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How to Increase Radiology Workflow Efficiency in the New Year

essence-business-reporting-module-increase radiology workflow efficiencyAs each year draws to a close, it’s important to reserve time for personal reflection and goal setting for the New Year. During this time of reflection, you should review what’s working with your patients, staff, and radiology workflow in your imaging, hospital, mobile, or teleradiology practice. […]

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Project Management 101: 5 Things You Should Never Neglect for a Successful RIS/PACS Deployment

Project Management 101: 5 Things You Should Never Neglect for a Successful RIS/PACS Deployment

Now that you’ve gone through the arduous task of selecting a new RIS and/or PACS to improve patient care, optimize workflow, and increase productivity, you’ll want to know how you can gain your biggest return on investment during your deployment. Although your sales representative went […]