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Aptus Offers Insurance Companies Online Access to Health Reports Thus Speeding Up the Insurance Process

Picture this — It’s 4 o’clock on a sunny afternoon in Peru. A young worker of a mining contractor goes for his medical examination to determine if he is fit to work at the nearby mine site. The center performs the exams and issues the results, but unfortunately, the system does not allow the insurer to view the radiological images online, much less in the appropriate format. This causes a significant delay in radiological medical validation and in the issuance of the insurance policy to the contractor. The company and the worker have no choice but to wait longer than expected to proceed with next steps in the recruitment process, which results in additional operational and logistic costs.

Although this story is hypothetical, it illustrates the problems faced by radiology centers when the limitations of their imaging software negatively impact workflows, wait times, operating costs and more importantly the patient’s experience.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with Aptus Salud Empresarial. The Peru-based health center was quick to realize the importance of having a system that allows clients and insurers immediate access to images and medical reports. This meant that insurers would be able to validate the radiological information in a timely manner for the issuance of occupational risk insurance.

Aptus Salud Empresarial adquiere PACS de RamSoft

About Aptus

Aptus Salud Empresarial, has the largest occupational health center in Peru with the capacity to serve 300 patients daily at its headquarters. Their main focus is the mining industry. They have seven mining consents in the country with the approval of the SGS and Bureau Veritas certifiers. The General Manager, José Antonio Martínez Matta, emphasizes the importance of focusing on quality, which has earned them the “seal of good practices” in occupational medical exams with the maximum score, issued by the Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy.

Jose Antonio Martinez Matta - Gerente General Aptus
Jose Antonio Martinez Matta – Gerente General de Aptus


The challenge

Implement a system that allows clients and insurers to immediately access radiological images and reports, even from remote areas.


The solution

“With the need to offer an online report service, we summoned several PACS providers and finally chose RamSoft, because it gave us exactly what we were looking for. The software is robust and fully adapts to our needs. It facilitates the workflow from the clinical imaging to the radiologist’s evaluation. It also allows access to clinical images from mining units in remote areas,” said José Antonio Martínez Matta.


The results with RamSoft

  • The reading of studies and the creation of digital clinical reports from anywhere in a safe way for users and clients.
  • Access to clinical images from any device.
  • The creation of reports through templates and voice recognition.
  • Reduction of reading time thanks to the fast and dynamic image visualization, achieved by the unified RamSoft database.
  • Streamlined the workflow that ultimately impacted the quality of patient care.


“I can confidently recommend the RamSoft PACS, not only for the advantages of the product, but also for the efficiency and speed of services offered by RamSoft and its distributor in Peru, Gamel,” said Aptus General Manager, José Antonio Martínez Matta.

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