RamSoft Partners with PocketHealth

RamSoft Partners with PocketHealth to Automate Patient Record Release Process

Want to automate your record release process, eliminate CD-burning, increase patient engagement and give your patients seamless portal access? RamSoft has you covered.

PocketHealth is a HIPAA-compliant image-sharing platform that allows imaging providers to share DICOM imaging and reports electronically with patients, instead of CD-burning. Once patients register for their online account, they can access their complete record history, download records offline, burn their own CD from home and instantly share access with any physician in full diagnostic quality.

“Patient record access means more than satisfied, engaged patients. It means an improved imaging workflow, happier referring physicians and greater information security. A seamless integration with RamSoft allows us to deliver this experience for hundreds of their customers across North America.” 

– Rishi Nayyar, CEO, PocketHealth

Physicians that receive record access from their patients can view imaging in PocketHealth’s FDA-compliant, zero-footprint viewer directly from their EMR, greatly improving referring physician satisfaction.

Through a secure integration with RamSoft PowerServer™ products, patients will automatically receive an email where they can provide consent for access, create a PocketHealth account and access their records without any clerical staff input. Meanwhile, providing patients with seamless, secure record access through PocketHealth will help RamSoft clients qualify for Medicare and Medicaid’s Meaningful Use Incentive programs, without any technical integration required.

“Our mission is to help save lives! Empowering patients with their images and reports through PocketHealth improves patient outcomes and eliminates the time and money spent on CDs and DVDs. With a seamless integration, the whole process is automated just by capturing a patient’s email address into RamSoft PowerServer PACS or RIS/PACS”

– Vijay Ramanathan, CEO, RamSoft


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