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TORONTO, Ontario—September 8, 2016— With Remote Rendering images are streamed to you much like an online webinar, eliminating the need to download mass amounts of data to your computer. This process significantly improves efficiency and reduces the response time from click to display. Gone are the days of slow image processing.

Image file size is no longer an issue with the remote rendering solution images can be delivered much faster than previously possible. This ensures that physicians are able to provide quality care for their patients regardless of location,” says John Erler, RamSoft’s Clinical Applications Specialist.

Remote Rendering also reduces costs and hardware requirements, eliminates the need to create and manage pre-caching rules, and operates with zero-footprint architecture, so you can access data on any browser-capable device via RamSoft’s zero-footprint viewer, RapidResults™.

For additional information on Ramsoft’s Remote Rendering, visit: www.ramsoft.com/features/remote-rendering.

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