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The RamSoft Medical Advisory Board

Our Advisors

The RamSoft Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is comprised of highly skilled radiology professionals and industry leaders who work together with the RamSoft Product Management Team to improve the quality of our products. RamSoft’s MAB’s role is critical in the development process to deliver products that continue to meet the needs of the rapidly-changing radiology industry.



Christopher Pozza, MD

Dilip Mehta, MD

Donald Nix, MD

Donald Ostrum, MD

Gagandeep Mangat, MD

Gary Dent, MD

John Dorn, MD

John Miliziano, MD

Mark Goldberg, MD

Michael Gold, MD

Nathaniel Berg, MD

Thomas Yu, MD

Vinh Nguyen, MD



Amber Trotman, CEO

Asha Kumar, Vice President Administration and Business Development

Bill Leon, Vice President Technical and Clinical Services

Carolyn Suess, Subject Matter Expert

Codi Dougan, PACS Administrator

Dave Chamberlain, Chief Information Officer

Debbie Pirillo, Director of Operations

Dennis Krikava, PACS Administrator

Duke Chung, IT Manager/Assistant Manager

Gil Patino, Marketing/Administration

James Johnson, Adminstrator

Jennifer Staley, RIS/PACS Administrator

Jim Welch, PACS Administrator

Joseph Wyatt, IT Director

Kevin Burns, Chief Operations Officer

Luke Bideaux, Director of Imaging Informatics

Nathan Dunn, Director of IT

Nathaniel Berg, CEO

Nick Delaura, Radiology Manager

Shan Niroola, Chief Information Officer


If you are interested in becoming a member of the RamSoft Medical Advisory Board, please e-mail [email protected]