5 RIS/PACS Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

RIS/PACS deployments and data migrations are a challenge for any organization, especially if you’re operating under false impressions or incorrect assumptions. Here are the top 5 mistakes your radiology practice should avoid:

1. Oversimplifying the Transition

RIS/PACS migrations can be complex. Our advice? Test, test, and test again! Testing in controlled environments is key. Like any system roll-out: plan, test, and implement. You’ll avoid surprises on go-live day that could lead to frustrated users and unplanned downtimes.

2. Transitioning Without Help

You’ll have a skills gap during a RIS/PACS deployment, so don’t cut corners! Working with a partner to ensure successful deployment will save you money by avoiding elongated projects.

3. Forgetting to Consider all Contingencies

Don’t forget to consider all contingencies in the transition such as network architecture and data center facilities that need to be addressed as a new system is rolled out. For migrations, you may not need to migrate your entire set of records based on your state and facilities record retention requirements. Be sure to consult with your Risk/Compliance Departments. There are several actions your organization can take to start with smaller integrations, and build from there.


4. Choosing a New RIS/PACS without Consulting with Users

Deploying a new RIS/PACS is a great opportunity for IT to enhance and strengthen its relationship with end users. Collaborate with other employees to find out what they need to be productive, and address those areas with your vendor of choice.

5. Neglecting your Infrastructure

Be mindful of the impact to your network and workstations. Make sure you build it out to handle the appropriate transaction volume and users without sacrificing performance and efficiency.

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