PowerServer RIS/PACS

What sets PowerServer RIS/PACS apart from other RIS/PACS products?


PowerServer RIS/PACS is an intuitive, single database application that enables any healthcare facility to operate their Imaging department efficiently by providing a software solution that is consistent in look and feel, has a powerful workflow engine, and offers ease of use that continues to evolve based on the market demand. We truly understand workflow, and when it is inefficient, common tasks can become complicated and time consuming to complete. Often times, staff is required to learn and use various systems or systems not properly synched with each other, resulting in an increased workload and user error.

Why are more imaging healthcare providers switching over to RamSoft’s single database platform technology?

Single database platform is one of the latest cutting edge technologies available. It reduces data entry, eliminating errors and increases consistency throughout your radiology department. Data entry is reduced significantly and you are only required to manage one server. Applications are run entirely in one screen without having to minimize and jump from one application to another. With our real-time database back-up, you will never have to worry about losing any data. When you have a separate RIS and PACS database, if one application goes down, the manual process to get them back in sync is time consuming and troublesome.

Cost Advantages

RamSoft’s single platform technology is one of the most competitive, reliable and scalable Imaging solutions in the market today; thus improving the quality of patient care around the world. Our single platform technology allows us to eliminate extra cost of concurrent user licenses that other vendors require. With RamSoft you are not limited by the number of users, workstations, worklists or modality licenses that your facility requires in order for us to meet your current and future needs.

Advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower IT costs (management of multiple servers)
  • Reduced RIS/PACS administration time
  • Decreased service and training costs (one application to learn